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Wow, That View is Worth 10 Regular Views!

So! good news!!! I'm staying in boulder this transfer! And i've got one of my favorite Elders coming to be my companion! Elder MacPherson!! I'm pretty pumped for this transfer. it'll be fun but there will also be tons of growth and teaching. this area has grown a ton lately when it comes to people to teach and so it's really made this transfer a great one! 
      We found this guy Gary the other day and He is just a super cool guy! We just ran into him on our way to someone else but he was super welcoming and actually invited us into his house for a few minutes. So then we went back a few days later and we taught him the first lesson after he told us about nutrition (which is how we got the return appointment) and how we can help our bodies to clear our minds so that the spirit can talk to us better. It was actually really cool, and then when we talked about the first vision, i told him what Joseph Smith said, and his mouth just dropped wide open. he was so amazed at the story and so we invited him to church and he went to church and now we are meeting with him tomorrow again! So that's just one miraculous thing that happened this week.
    We have also had the opportunity to help out at a local food bank and its always so cool to me to see the other volunteers there who sacrifice portions of their lives to help others, and they aren't on missions so they actually have to take time out of their busy days to go volunteer and they do it for like 4 hours twice a week! It just really opens my eyes to all the good people out there and it has made me want to get to know people better, not just teach them but really get to know them and understand why they do what they do and what brings them comfort in this day and age. Another experience that brought that thought to the forefront of my brain was this guy Jonathan who we ran into a couple weeks ago and he said we were welcome to stop buy and talk anytime if his car was there. so we stopped by on saturday and ended up just talking to him like we were old friends for like 40 minutes. But the really cool part was that as we tried to just befriend this guy the Lord really did intervene and give us the perfect set-ups to talk about the principles of the gospel and i think that this is something that i underestimate a lot because i definitely don't just befriend people that often without the thought in the back of my mind of how i'm going to get this person to investigate the church and go through the steps to be baptized; but when we genuinely care about someone and we just want to help out and be their friend then God sets up the gospel conversations, not us. 

Well Elder Siler and I have a bunch of packing to do and cleaning to do because he has to pack for transfers and we are also moving into a different ward members home on wednesday... so i might have to cut this short, but know that the Lord is on your side! "...when they are spit upon, and made a hiss and a byword, they are standing shoulder to shoulder with the best life this world has ever known." 
"fear not what man can do, for God shall be with you forever and ever."
     It is my testimony that our Father in Heaven who loves us NEVER abandons us, even when we abandon Him, His arm of mercy is still outstretched ready to receive us once again. Never let yourself think that He is not there because times are hard or because you can't feel his immediate presence. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, so if he didn't abandon our dear prophet Joseph Smith when he was in the lowliest of places (D&C 121-123) then why on earth would our God be abandoning us just because we don't feel his embrace quite as strongly as we did yesterday? God Loves us!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all
Love Elder Cluff


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