July 6, 2017

Change is Good!

I love having things change because it keeps me from getting into these ruts with companions and/or areas. And this last week has given me many chances to make changes and try better. I got a new companion and we moved houses and then we are moving houses again this wednesday because everybody has family coming in and we have to jump around to whoever doesn't have family at the moment... so that's fun! But Elder MacPherson and I have been going nonstop since he got here and we also get along super well. We found a lot of people this week who were willing to hear a few words about Christ and the peace He can bring. 
   One of my favorite things from this week though was something i found in studies yesterday morning in 1 Nephi 16:23 because Nephi says earlier on that his bow broke and his brothers bows lost their spring but that would mean that their arrows are still perfectly fine, so why did Nephi make another arrow? Well this isn't doctrine by any means but I would like to share the thought that I had when I asked myself this question. My first thought was simply that the Lord asks us not just to replace parts of our lives that are broken but to continually upgrade our lives through repentance and continually striving to follow our Savior and his actions. My second thought, which confirmed the first, came when i read verses 30-31. Nephi says that He went to the top of the mountain to find food for his family and I find it to be no coincidence that the top of the mountains are God's temples because in order to enter Gods temples we must be clean and worthy both on the inside and the outside. We cannot just change our appearance (our bows) but keep our habits the same as before (our arrows). It is my hope that I can continue to break my old bows and replace my old arrows so that i may become the person that God would have me be. But it is often easy to want to replace our bows because we want food; the hard part comes when we have to willingly throw away our old arrows and put in the work to make new ones. 
       Man, one of my favorite things these days is when i'm able to find a cool scripture in my studies and then use it somehow throughout the day. I love how much insight is within the scriptures and how applicable every little verse is to our day. All we have to do is be willing to search the scriptures and really think about what they are saying. 
      I apologize for how short my emails always are. i just write whatever i feel i need to express and then i don't worry about writing anymore cause it'll just leave me with more stories to tell when i get home!

Love you all!
Love, Elder Cluff  

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