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More Effort=More Blessings

This week I have seen the hand of the Lord so abundantly as I have tried harder to grow my knowledge and use more of my knowledge when talking to others. The biggest thing I was working on was getting more scriptures in my head that I can pull out in lessons so that people are learning from the scriptures, which we know to be the word of God, and not from little old me who may have a tendency to add many unneeded details. As I did this I found so many inspiring verses that I had never really seen before and began to memorize them just well enough to remember the reference and the story line. I began to realize very quickly that the Lord would then bring these scriptures to my remembrance so often throughout the day when it was needed to comfort someone or to take the attention off of my words and show them words of the prophets of old. 
     Our mission put on this mission-wide convert fireside friday night where all 140 missionaries from our mission went, as well as all the recent co…

By Small and Simple Means

What a great week it has been in boulder! The first of this week was a ton of fun. We got to talk to tons of people and help lots of people. But it didn't seem to bring much fruits. We were talking to everyone, we were teaching them restored truths, but they just weren't ready to receive yet. Well i learned very early on that this is not unusual and so we kept working harder and harder knowing that there was something that we could improve upon. We found near the end of the week that we had too much unneeded talk when we were teaching and testifying and we weren't extending enough commitments which allow people to choose whether they want this in their life right off the bat. So Friday comes along and we were ready to put all this to use.... but then we had to stay inside and plan for next week for 2 hours which we didn't really want to do at the moment because we were just barely figuring out what we needed to work on and we wanted to work on it! So we did our plannin…

"I Like That Boulder, That Is A Nice Boulder"

Hey Everybody!!! So on tuesday of last week i got a call from my mission president and he asked if i would go to boulder (louisville ward)  the next day because neither one of the elders up there have driving privileges and they needed someone there who could drive so i packed up and moved up to boulder 24 hours later. Now before i jump into what else has happened with this transfer let me share a different part of me week.    So yesterday for p-day we went and hiked the green mountain trail and we drove up pretty far so that we only had to hike about a mile and a half to the top and climb 1,600 feet during the hike. it was a fairly steep hike most of the way with lots of natural steps and log steps, but once we got to the last quarter mile it got really steep and there were lots of big rocks to go over/around and so needless to say this was the hardest part of the hike and you couldn't see where the end was until you were practically there-- but once you got there the view was A…