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Stake Conference Weekend

So we had a ton of great stuff happen this week but the biggest thing i wanted to talk about is the stake conference we just had. There was so much insight and inspiration given. 
First for the Adult session on saturday night, I can't remember her name but the first speaker  said something that i thought was very insightful. I can't remember the exact way that she put it but she said something about how the Savior doesn't only know us perfectly but he knows those whom we are trying to love, teach, befriend, tolerate, or whatever it may be. And if the Savior knows them perfectly as well then we should always turn to Him for guidance on how to better love others.      Another speaker, Sister Carlston, talked about youth a lot, but then she talked about missionary work and how we have to befriend people before we can truly share much of the gospel with them and once we have befriended someone we no longer need to tell them to go to church on sunday but we should invite them t…

Happiness and Hard Work

Hey Everybody!!! 

This week i have truly seen the correlation between happiness and hard work. It's hard to work very hard if you aren't happy, but it's also hard to be truly happy if you aren't really doing anything. Elder Fonger and I have done tons of service and we have talked to so many people and we have been happy and enjoying ourselves through it all. I have found that when i am only focused on how i can get these people to take a Book of Mormon and let us come back then i'm not very happy while i'm doing it, but when i talk to these people like they're my best friend right when i open my mouth and i just talk to them about how much i love Jesus, then it almost always leads to good feelings in the conversation and good feelings towards the church. It also leads to me wanting to talk to more and more people. I'm not sure if that came out at all like i wanted it to but one point i wanted to get across with this is that the Lord blesses us with Joy…

A Week to Remember

What a week!! 
So first off, i am not getting transferred but Elder Olsen is. I will be getting Elder Fonger as my new companion! I don't really know who that is but i'm excited to find out!          But as for the rest of this week, it was filled with tons of great things both spiritual and less spiritual... We had some amazing lessons in the YSA. We had an investigator show up drunk to FHE last monday; we had a guy slam his door so hard that his tin roof shook, as well as the rest of his house i think haha; and we had some miracles happen in the lives of our investigators this week!      lets start with the miracles. forgive me if i repeat anything because i have no idea what i have said in the past... But a couple weeks ago Corina (a YSA investigator) told us that she wasn't sure about baptism yet and she wanted to hold off on setting a day. We met with her several times since and she has been progressing a ton this last week. But the miracle came when we met with her o…

A Long Week With A Great Reward

The weeks where P-day isn't till Wednesday always seem super long, but its always more than worth it when we get to go to the temple Wednesday morning. we had to wake up at 5:30 this morning to get to the temple by 7 and i feel like that's the most awake I've felt on my mission right after i wake up because i was just so excited to go to the temple! I love doing the Lords work and then being able to go to the Lords house on occasion to feel even more in depth the Love that He has for all His children. 
       I can't believe this transfer will be over in a week. I have learned so much and have grown so much in the last 6 weeks which has made it go by even faster. One of the things that i have learned this transfer and more specifically in the last week is that there really is no such thing as one right way to do missionary work. Of course we are to follow the counsel and guidance given to us by God's servants whom He has told to direct us but beyond that there are …

Tender Mercies of Obedience

So the last couple weeks Elder Olsen and I have been trying to look for any lack of obedience in our missionary work and we could definitely see the Lords hand outstretched to us this week giving us success. The biggest blessing that happened this week is that we were able to find a family to teach. As wonderful as it is bringing souls unto Christ one by one, it just feels good when you are able to teach a family how this gospel can bless and strengthen them as they learn together. We had talked to the Mother of this family once before but she told us to come back another time, so we went back a few days later and she told us they were really busy with house cleaning and so we told her we could help clean-- we could vacuum, we could sweep, we can move stuff, we can wipe stuff down, whatever she needs, and after like 5 minutes of hesitation because she was embarrassed of her dirty house she finally let us in and told us we could vacuum the upstairs. We vacuumed and then asked if we cou…