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I Want To Be Obedient

This week was a wonderful week and a great growing experience. we had a zone conference on thursday and President Mendenhall gave a teaching at the end about obedience and the difference in just being obedient vs. being obedient and wanting to be. i felt that there were a few things that i have been obedient to just because I'm supposed to--not because i want to and so i made a resolution to find those things and do whatever it will take to grow my faith in that area enough to want to be obedient. So once the conference was over I went up to President and told him I want to be obedient. he told me i have recognized the key to success and then he told me "it'll be hard, you'll be tempted a lot, let me know how it goes." and i wasn't quite sure what he was talking about because I didn't see why i would be tempted more than i am now if i am just changing my mindset, but president's words were fulfilled and as i try to change and want to be obedient the a…

A Fun And Busy Week

This week has been full of fun moments and tons of testifying, I believe that is just part of the reason it is so important to continually grow our testimonies because that is so much of what missionary work is. it is being able to truthfully testify to others that you have felt something in your life and that you KNOW that it can be felt in their life as well and that it can change their life because it has changed yours. This is not an easy task though. in order to testify to others you have to first find people to testify to, and then you have to be willing to put yourself in a position where you are going to feel uncomfortable and talk to these random strangers wherever they may be found. A great example of this from this past week was when we felt that nothing was getting done inbetween the hours of like 11 and 3 and we weren't sure what to do because no one was home and we didn't want to just go out and tract for 4 hours so we decided to take the bus around to the places…

Arvada.... Plus the whole stake... plus Golden

We've been having a great time here so far! there's not a lot of work right now so we have been trying to meet with people who might know other people that we can teach. I cant remember if i already told you guys this or not but Elder Tonga was actually here with Elder Olsen before me so that was a pretty cool transition. I'm able to tell people here that i came out with Elder Tonga and that we had a blast in the MTC together and apparently he's told some of the people out here about me too so hopefully its all good things!
   So since we cover the YSA we have a HUGE area. Our YSA actually draws from 3 stakes-- Arvada, Westminster, And Golden. Golden actually isn't even in our mission (its in the south mission)  but we got permission to go there from our stake president and our mission president and none of the YSA missionaries have ever been there before so we get to be the first to go in there and gather together the flocks of YSA, plus Golden is where school of …