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A Whole New Mission

Where to start... So i met my new companion on wednesday. His name is Elder Murdock and he is actually a visa waiter going to Salta Argentina, so we have language study every day where i teach him spanish since i know how to say hello and that's about it haha. He actually just studies the material that the MTC gave him while i read the book of mormon and then we try to talk to as many mexicans as possible so that he can use his spanish. And talking to people that speak spanish isnt very hard because i swear English is no ones first language around here. There are people from places i didn't even know existed haha. So all of our lessons have to go very slow and use very simple words because most of the people we talk to don't know much english. But this area is the best for missionary work because its a pretty poor community on one side and then the other side is just about average. I'll talk a little more about that later if i have time. 

Okay so time to share what has…

The Call to Serve

Okay, I first just have to say, I CALLED IT!! Well half of it..... so the training calls have always happened on Thursdays in the past and then like district leader calls and things happen Friday and Saturday. So after Thursday i thought i was in the clear and then after Saturday i thought i was for sure in the clear but i guess with the new schedule comes a whole new set up. So low and behold last night at 8:15 the phone started ringing and we thought it was just going to be the other elders in our district but i pulled the phone out of my pocket and it was the AP's so we were both a little nervous. But then i answered and they just had some questions about us moving (from one member of the ward to another) and then they said thanks and were about to hang up, but then AP Olsen said "so Elder Cluff, would you be willing to accept the assignment to train next transfer?" and of course i said yes and then they said thank you again, told me i will be blessed and i will grow…

A Great Week!

This really was a great week. We have had much inspiration and direction given from meetings and studies and we have also had the chance to touch many lives even if that touch was so gentle that they haven’t even realized we touched them yet.

I went on exchanges yesterday and got to go with the other Elder Cluff in the next ward over which was so much fun when we would introduce ourselves as Elder Cluff and Elder Cluff. There were a lot of people who didn’t believe us at first and then it really took some convincing after we told them that we were born on the same day. We also found out that we both only have one nephew and they are both the same age. I got to be on bike for the day which was tons of fun, especially being with someone at the same physical level as me. I don’t think it would’ve been much faster for us to have a car because we were just having fun riding as fast as we could and finding little trails to take from place to place. But besides the fun that we had, I think …