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Be Not Afraid

Hey Everybody,

We once again had a lot of meetings this week but i learned a ton this week not only from the meetings but from the book of mormon as i read and also from some talks that we listened to. One of the talks we listened to was one of John Bytheway's. I can't remember the title but he quoted John Taylor and this was the quote: "When men say unto us, you are not like us, we reply, we know it, we don't want to be. We want to be like the Lord". And i had to pause the talk because i wanted to write that quote down and it really stuck with me for a while. Before i go on about that let me mention another thought that i have had all week. I've had a hard time knowing when to train my trainer since he's falling back into his old routines that he was in before he got the call to train. I'll admit sometimes it's so much easier to just let him sleep during our "lunch break" and personal study and just study my scriptures instead of wakin…

My Week

So at first I was thinking that this week didn't bring much fruit because we had a lot of little meetings and some service projects and things but when I thought about it again i realized that during the meetings I was learning to be a better missionary, and during the service projects I was doing what I love (physical service) and I was building relationships with people that could, in turn, show us the friends and family in their life that need the gospel. So it was a pretty good week after all.

One visit that we had with a less active family, the Lahtis, really changed my perspective on how we live our lives and how we view the ever-outreaching hand of Christ. We went to the Lahtis to help them take out their Christmas tree and then I asked if we could get the family together and share a scripture with them. I had elder Otterstrom share the scripture so that I could distract the baby they were watching so that the family could listen. While this baby (who was about 18 months ol…

Good, Bad and Everything In-Between

Okay, so there wasn't really a lot of good and bad this week. I just thought that was a cool email title cause I never know what to put in that box... but there was quite a bit of the in-between that happened.

So on Wednesday, I went on exchanges with one of my zone leaders again but this time I stayed in dove valley and Elder Otterstrom went to their area. We did a lot of trying to find former investigators and one of them that actually opened up was Dani, a girl in like her 20's. She is the only one in her apartment so we couldn't go in but she came outside in the 15-degree weather and talked to us for almost an hour just about so much random stuff in the scriptures that I can't even remember. But the one thing that I do remember was her excitement for the different stories in the bible, and even tho she was a little over the top and a little crazy it still made me want to study those stories that she showed such excitement for and it made me want to find that excitem…

Twins & Happy New Year!

So this week was fun, on skype I mentioned how it stinks that i bought a bike and then we got a car, well on Wednesday at about 10 we got our car taken away to give to another companionship so we were back on bikes and I was super excited but then the AP's realized that no one in our district had a car now so they found one to give us and we were back in a car by 4... so that was disappointing but it makes p-days a ton easier.

We also had to get the bike that I had borrowed my first two weeks back to an elder in our zone before he left on Wednesday but we didn't want to walk his bike to their apartment and we didn't have a bike rack on our car (this was Tuesday afternoon) so we just decided that I would ride the bike as fast as I could while Elder Otterstrom drove the car right by me and it's only like a mile so I figured I could keep up and I did but then once we got there I realized that the altitude really gets to you when you go from sitting down…