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The Life of a Missionary

Merry Christmas! 

So this week I thought was a pretty good week, mostly because we were given a car for 2 weeks. Since the missionaries going home this transfer left on Friday to be home for Christmas there are some extra cars for a couple weeks and we got one! it was just in time for the 6 inches of snow too so that was perfect. And the snow doesn't really effect driving at all here its crazy! It's nothing like the ice back home.

Something funny happened this week. We went to have dinner with the youngs on Wednesday night and we were going at like 7 because her husband works late and he had to get off early just to make that time work, but when we got there sister young answered the door and said that her husband had forgotten and he just barely left his office. So we thought we would just have to find a different dinner since we can't be in the house with her and their little kids, but then she said that she had already set everything up on the table and gotten it ready f…

Fun, Slow and Crazy!

Hi Everyone,

This week was super fun, slow, and crazy. I'll start with the crazy cause it's my favorite story from this week. So we went on exchanges with the zone leaders and I went to their area and elder Otterstrom stayed in our area, we mostly just went around meeting some people that had been taught only once or twice before and one guy that we stopped by named Gary was supposed to just be your "normal" investigator but after we started talking to him he told us how he actually dropped the whole Christianity thing a while ago mostly because "there's no one listening when we pray... that's just how it is", So we talked to him a little bit about that and then he said he's just on a different path now and so we asked him what path that is and he told us he found this amazing thing where you can train your body to go to sleep but your spirit is still awake and you can actually leave your body and travel through space or around the world or jus…

Light of the World

Let’s start with the best experience this week. So a guy in our ward, Spencer Hill, asked us to go with him to talk to/teach his neighbor Richard who loves to talk about Jesus and anything related to Jesus. So we went with Spencer on tuesday and when this guy opened the door me and Elder Otterstrom had to keep ours jaws from dropping cause this guy had arms like bowling balls, and then the second thing we noticed is that the spirit was practically already there. I mean this guy was genuinely just an amazing spiritual person. We got to know him a little bit. He has a wife and a 3 year old girl that were out shopping. He’s a deacon in his church, he’s 50 years old, he’s gone from a normal life to homeless to now having a Ferrari in his garage, so he’s seen a lot through his life and most of the time i felt like he was teaching me about Jesus and the gospel. He even mentioned once how he believes that there are different heavens, and another time he talked about how the godhead is three …