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The Lord's Hand

During the first few days of the MTC, Elder Sam Cluff become the District Leader and has been thriving. His MTC companion is Elder Tonga.

Here is the second email we got from him on Friday.

Hey Mamma!

Elder Cluff at the Provo Temple
I was actually telling my district about how it's Lucas' birthday and he's one of the people I miss the most, his face really cheers me up, though. I can't wait till I get to see him again and run around outside. I did hear that she (McCall's Brother's wife) had her baby but I haven't heard if she's healthy and if everything is okay, Addie has been sending me a lot of dear elders so I've been able to look forward to that most days but it feels like a month or two in between Fridays. But I know that will soon get easier as well as the fears for my family and my beautiful girlfriend. I hope I get to see Addie's grandparents on Tuesday at the devotional, this last Tuesday we got to hear from Russel M. Nelson and he talked about writing the gospel of Christ on our fleshy parts and making it who we are not just what we do. One of my teachers brother Smith told us something that his mission president told him which was something like "isn't it nice that we get to practice teaching other people's families for two years before the important job comes where we have to try to teach our own?" I thought that was a pretty neat way to look at it.
Elder Cluff  and Elder Tonga
As district leader I have been having to deal with a hardship between our zone leaders who are in my district and they know somewhat how to be companions but they have no idea how to become friends and grow closer outside of scripture study and lessons, so as I prayed and studied I got the weirdest answer as to what I should have them do, this is the assignment I gave them...

Run around the track three times together every day and recite your purpose during the first lap and then talk about what kind of things you did for fun before your mission and DO NOT make fun of the other one or say that you would never do that for fun but instead find things about them that you think would be fun and that you would like to try, then report back to me on Sunday with these three things.

1. Something cool about your companion

2. Something admirable about your companion

3. Something quirky that's also neat about your companion

I have no idea if this will work but since it was Gods idea not mine then it should at least do something for them.

So the other day what we are learning in our classes and it's actually super cool, we just learn how to teach things so that people can understand them even if they don't know anything about the gospel and yesterday we actually had to teach the plan of salvation in 30 seconds and we couldn't just talk super fast so it was super cool how you can cut a lot out and still get your point across like my 30 lessons went something like this, "we used to live with god in heaven and he was our literal father and he made this earth so that we could come here and gain experience but he knew we would make mistakes so he sent his perfect son Jesus Christ to be an example to us and I know that as long as we follow that example then we can return back to God in heaven and be truly happy again" and I know that there's no way I would've been able to do that without my teachers help and without the Lords help. The food is actually pretty good here most days but it's also pretty unhealthy I feel like, but I've been trying to work out still so that I don't get fat.

We have two investigators so far and they are completely different because our first one John Garret just wants to be with his family members that have died and so once we got him to understand Gods love for us and the plan of salvation which took a little bit because the missionaries that taught him before us told him only Mormons can be saved which really freaked him out but we were able to put those thoughts to rest and teach him about the spirit world and how people who didn't have the chance to learn about the gospel here will get the chance there, and after that he just wanted to learn more and now he wants to be baptized, where our second one Sydney Young just hasn't really wanted to tell us anything about herself until last night when we asked her about her dad and she talked about him and his place in her life for almost 15 minutes. 

It's really cool to see the Lord's hand in missionary work when we are really willing to let him take over.


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