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A Good Day To Smile!

Today's letter from my brother, Elder Colton Cluff,  just made me smile and reminds me that even when things get hard we can still smile! Enjoy! -David

Family! It is sure great to hear your stories! It has been a pretty funny week over here. On Monday when we were at Seven Sisters we got a call letting us know that there was a flood in the flat above us so there may be water damage in our flat and the electricity had been shut off. We went on with our day and got back at 9:00 that night to a dark, wet flat. We got ready in the dark, planned in the dark, and then went to bed in a very moist atmosphere. I woke up at about 1:00 to a very loud dripping noise but I was too tired to be bothered. I woke up a bit later to a sound and Elder Reed was out of bed and said, "Man, there is like a two inch puddle all over the floor." There was a little April shower com…