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"I am not ashamed"

I love Mondays as I get to read emails from my brother who is serving a mission in London, England! He is serving in a very interesting part of England. The Lord is teaching him many lessons that will last him a lifetime. Today’s email held a story that shows his testimony and his firm stand as a witness of our Savior Jesus Christ. Here is an except from his email:
“I don't have much time but I will share a funny story with ya. I wrote this in a letter that I will try to send this week so sorry that you will have to hear it twice. This will be a shortened version though. Yesterday evening we were out talking to people on the streets. We were talking to this guy and something was a bit off about him so when the conversation was passed to me I just asked the guy if we could leave him with a card because we needed to go. He said, "No, I want to hear the message from you". I said, "Our message is that Jesus Christ is our Savior, now we need to go, have a nice day&quo…

Your best---it's all He asks

Just because my Full-Time mission is over does not mean I can’t continue to write on this blog.I would like to continue to write and share advice, lessons I learned being a “Returned Missionary”.
I returned from my mission in Salt Lake City 43 days ago and life has been a whirlwind. I have learned many lessons and today I would like to share with you one of them.
Comparing. Comparing against another is one of the worst things any human can possibly do. I see too much of that. Not only in the world but even on missions. On Sunday, Mother’s Day, I decided to go to my family’s ward and then leave after sacrament meeting and go to my own ward. I sat there listening to the talks. The couple that spoke touched my heart. They were talking about not comparing against another. Too many mothers compare against the “other mothers” around them and think they are not the best. I sat there and something hit me. I realized that the past few weeks I have been comparing myself against “the others”. I…