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David's Mission, A Journey of Faith

This is a video that tells about my mission. It is a journey of faith! I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father who helped me every step of the way. The making of this video was amazing--full of tender mercies.I am grateful for my mission and the lessons I learned--even when gas spilled on me. Enjoy!

Happy Easter - Because of Him

Happy Easter! Because of Him I have been able to hear, and enjoy the blessings of the gospel. This gospel is a gospel of transformation! My life is so much better with Him. Please take a moment to write down your feelings of our Savior today. Because of Him I too live.

My Gentle Friend

Well, I have been home for a week now! It has been a crazy first week for me. I pretty much just threw myself back into everything and so far so good. :)

  I titled this "My Gentle Friend" as that is what I thought of when I was released as a Full-Time Missionary. I heard stories from other returned missionaries on how this process goes. I decided to push everything I heard aside and embrace the moments I was about to experience. I went to my Stake President and he and I talked one on one about my mission. It was a chance for me to reflect on what I learned and how it has changed my life. Then we reunited with my family. Each family member then shared the blessings they saw as I served a mission. It was a tender experience. He then started to read this letter...then it came. The words "You are honorably released from your sacred calling as a full-time missionary" came. Once they were said I felt as if someone stepped beside me and said "You have done well a…

David is Home!

Monday, March 31st, 2014 came. A day I never thought I would see. I found myself surrounded by 13 others who felt just like me. 3pm came and we were in a 15 passenger van heading to the mission home for our last dinner together. Tears about to fall---we began to tell experiences that happened through out our missions. After the departing testimony meeting we went to the mission home to spend our last night. Smiles, tears and many yawns were given all through the night. We all fell asleep around 1:30am. Just in a few hours later we were loading up the truck with all our luggage and headed to the Airport. We arrived to the airport just before 7am and got everyone checked in. All 14 of us stood there and waved goodbye to our dear mission president and wife. We stayed together for a few short minutes and then headed our way into different parts of the world.

   Around 9:15am I found myself on a plane heading to St. Louis. Mix emotions filled my heart. around 12:30 I then was walking dow…