March 31, 2014

The view is great!

April 11, 2012 
(Letter written the day he arrived at the Missionary Training Center, or MTC)
"I made it! I really did! I got dropped off and was not sure what in the world I was doing. I was met by a host missionary and the next thing I know I have a new name tag on my suit--Elder Cluff. Feeling strange and looking around, trying to take it all in, I then found myself in a classroom introducing myself and laughing with the other missionaries."

June 19, 2013
"This is our last full week of the transfer and then next week is transfers! It helps to know what is going on but at the same time there are sooo many changes going on. Next Friday will be our last time to see the Winns and say our goodbyes. I am trying to accept the fact they are leaving and that this will be a good change. I am excited for it but it's also a little nerve racking. Over and over in sacrament meetings I heard people say "Come what may and love it." Heavenly Father was reminding me what I already know. Despite how crazy everything is and how fast time is going....I will be okay. :) "

December 30, 2013
"I learned a lot this past week about faith, trust and prayer. I was struggling with being patient with myself and my hearing...again. I just simply wanted everything to sound right and perfect...but it was not. Last Saturday during one of my "moments" I was praying for someone who just might understand me to be placed in my path to help me. Seeing Kimball on Thursday and giving me a blessing was the greatest day so far that week. In the blessing I realized that Heavenly Father answered my prayer in a very real way. It was such a tender experience and to see just how much Heavenly Father cares for each of us. How amazing is prayer and faith! I love this gospel and the blessings it brings. Kimball's voice sounds just like Dad's and during the blessing I was constantly being reminded that I will be okay. My physical ears may have issues but my spiritual ears won' long as I keep doing the things that will allow me to hear my Savior's voice---I will be okay."

March 31, 2014
  Today I am filled with all sorts of emotion. Tomorrow morning I will be stepping onto a plane and to fly into a new chapter in my life. As I look back on my mission and the different mountains I have climbed--I have found the view to be great! I learned so much and grew closer to my Heavenly Father. I have said this often through out my mission but it is so real..."The Gospel is a Gospel of Transformation". I feel so blessed to have been able to witness lives change and transform into something beautiful. Miracles do happen each day...we just have to have eyes of faith to see them unfold. 
"The First couple I taught in my mission. Story behind
behind this photo coming soon."
   I know with all my heart that God lives! I know we are children of a loving Heavenly Father. I know that as I was able to help see lives life changed along the way too. I love this work. Although, my time as a full-time missionary is coming to a close...I will always be "Elder Cluff" within. My brother who is serving a mission in the England London South Mission gave me some advice that I just love "When you wear your suit your name tag on the inside to remind you of who you have become." It has been a special time for my brother and I to serve our missions at the same time for a year. His year mark is in a few days. I learned that though he and I were far in distance we were close in heart as we worked on helping others come unto Christ. 

   The Gospel makes me happy and I love to see smiles on others as they learn about Jesus Christ. 
This mission will always be in my heart.

From my heart to your, 
Elder David Cluff 

This blog will be updated and improved overtime. It is David's prayer that this blog can be a place of inspiration and hope. 

Elder Cluff's last district meeting. He was the District Leader for two sets of sisters, two sets of senior couples and
one set of elders. On his last training President and Sister Eberhardt and the Zone Leaders were in attendance.
"I am going to miss working with these awesome missionaries!" -Elder Cluff 

March 24, 2014

One last week...

Elder Cluff 
    Life is sure interesting. Just when I think I got things figured out...Heavenly Father proves me otherwise. It is good a thing. Keeps things really interesting.

  This past week has been full of tender mercies and simply miracles. We have two people getting baptized this Saturday and they both have been miracles in the making for some time. It is amazing to watch how the gospel changes and transforms lives. Yesterday, I ran into one of my most favorite couples from my first area...Andrew and Mandy Nelson!!! Andrew was baptized and then they also got married just a few weeks before I arrived to the mission. I have been able to see them transform into who they are today. It was neat to see them as a few weeks ago I was trying to find where they moved to and no luck in that aspect. I started to pray that I will be able to find them somehow. Yesterday, we went to go pick up our recent convert from church to take him to get his patriarchal blessing. As I walked into the foyer I saw Andrew and Mandy. We all had our mouth fall wide open. They both ran up to me and said "ELDER CLUFF?!?!?" We exchanged hugs and talked for a minute. Turns out they live in my stake now! How crazy is that! Mandy and I share the same birthday so we are doing something today with them. It was a HUGE tender mercy for me.
Elder Smith 
Elder Valdez 
For all you future missionaries you may want to look forward to the new missionary videos on "Health and missionary life". Last week Elder Valdez, Elder Smith and I were in a church film for missionaries. It was filmed in a dentist office. It will be for "Missionary dental health" or something like that. I am just glad that Elder Smith got the role to be in the "chair" as they filmed him having his teeth brushed 60 times. I am in different parts like walking on the sidewalk and walking into a dentist office with elder Valdez. Our mission has been helping the church with the film. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out. I guess this is what happens when you serve in the shadows of the Church Headquarters. :)
We were in a tiro with Elder Smith for a few days and turns out he may be Elder Valdez's new companian next transfer as he knows the basics of ASL! Super awesome! 

It is really werid to think that in one week from tomorrow that I will be a plane flying into the next chapter of my life. The past two years have been the best two years of my LIFE! I learned so much! 

I am greatful for all those that helped me along the way and for the many prayers that have been said. I have felt them in a a very real way.   

Helping with the sound system.

Ready for this? 

Watch out for the sisters missionaries! 

March 17, 2014

Meet Elder Valdez

This is Elder Valdez! He and I are working in the American Sign Language Program! It has been a blast! 

1,300 photos, Three Zone Conference, Dinner with L. Tom Perry and a Wedding!

 This past week was crazy! We had a mission temple trip on Monday, which was amazing! Then Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I had to help photograph Zone Conference Meetings. Friday night we had a mission photo, dinner with Elder L. Tom Perry and a devotional meeting with Elder Perry. Just when I was feeling sore from a crazy week. We had a wedding on Saturday and I did their family photos as a gift for them. That night Elder Valdez and I had to speak in Stake Conference. It was a crazy week to say the least. 

Some highlights from the week:

There is amazing story behind this photo! 

We will bring the world it's truth!!! 

Setting up for the mission photo. 

We Wedding Day!!

Meet Cole! 

March 12, 2014

What I see...

I love being a photographer. One of my new favorite things to photograph is missionaries. They are just always HAPPY!! Which just makes me smile even bigger. I LOVE IT! Thought you might like to see some smiles today! Zone Conferences are about 7-8 hours long but they just love what they do! It is a testimony builder to me each day!

One of my favorite couples EVER! Meet the BOYERS!! 

They are even more happy when the food comes out! 

Even when they sing!! 

Hope everyone gets a chance to talk to these missionaries! They have a love for what they do and they are not afraid to show it!