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The view is great!

April 11, 2012 
(Letter written the day he arrived at the Missionary Training Center, or MTC)
"I made it! I really did! I got dropped off and was not sure what in the world I was doing. I was met by a host missionary and the next thing I know I have a new name tag on my suit--Elder Cluff. Feeling strange and looking around, trying to take it all in, I then found myself in a classroom introducing myself and laughing with the other missionaries."

June 19, 2013
"This is our last full week of the transfer and then next week is transfers! It helps to know what is going on but at the same time there are sooo many changes going on. Next Friday will be our last time to see the Winns and say our goodbyes. I am trying to accept the fact they are leaving and that this will be a good change. I am excited for it but it's also a little nerve racking. Over and over in sacrament meetings I heard people…

One last week...

Life is sure interesting. Just when I think I got things figured out...Heavenly Father proves me otherwise. It is good a thing. Keeps things really interesting.

  This past week has been full of tender mercies and simply miracles. We have two people getting baptized this Saturday and they both have been miracles in the making for some time. It is amazing to watch how the gospel changes and transforms lives. Yesterday, I ran into one of my most favorite couples from my first area...Andrew and Mandy Nelson!!! Andrew was baptized and then they also got married just a few weeks before I arrived to the mission. I have been able to see them transform into who they are today. It was neat to see them as a few weeks ago I was trying to find where they moved to and no luck in that aspect. I started to pray that I will be able to find them somehow. Yesterday, we went to go pick up our recent convert from church to take him to get his patriarchal blessing. As I walked into the foyer I saw An…

Meet Elder Valdez

This is Elder Valdez! He and I are working in the American Sign Language Program! It has been a blast! 

1,300 photos, Three Zone Conference, Dinner with L. Tom Perry and a Wedding!

This past week was crazy! We had a mission temple trip on Monday, which was amazing! Then Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I had to help photograph Zone Conference Meetings. Friday night we had a mission photo, dinner with Elder L. Tom Perry and a devotional meeting with Elder Perry. Just when I was feeling sore from a crazy week. We had a wedding on Saturday and I did their family photos as a gift for them. That night Elder Valdez and I had to speak in Stake Conference. It was a crazy week to say the least. 

Some highlights from the week:

What I see...

I love being a photographer. One of my new favorite things to photograph is missionaries. They are just always HAPPY!! Which just makes me smile even bigger. I LOVE IT! Thought you might like to see some smiles today! Zone Conferences are about 7-8 hours long but they just love what they do! It is a testimony builder to me each day!

Hope everyone gets a chance to talk to these missionaries! They have a love for what they do and they are not afraid to show it!