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A Wedding & Baptism in California

Remember Elder Smith? Well, Elder Smith and I taught this investigator, Todd. He was so ready for baptism but there was one little thing that needed to happen first....marriage. So, after a crazy night on temple square just days before Christmas they got engaged! That is a crazy story to tell when I have more time to write. But, after a little rollor-coaster ride they decided to get married in California this past weekend and then have Todd get baptized the following day! I just got the photos today since we could not physically be there. They are just such awesome people! Miracles happen far and near!

Silent Miracles, His Story

Elder Cluff is known as a blogger for “Silent Moments, My Story” which tells his journey through the silent moments of his life. Today he tells about the Silent Miracles that he and his companion, Elder Valdez, have seen. Miracles are ways our Heavenly Father tells His Story.

 The journey began on February 18th, 2014, which was transfer day. Elder Valdez and I pretty much knew that we would be companions as President Eberhardt wanted us to open up the American Sign Language (ASL) Program for the first time in almost 20 years. There are two deaf wards in the Salt Lake area and for a long time they have been praying for ASL missionaries to come help.  The dream they were praying for was becoming a reality. The first day Elder Valdez and I were companions we kept asking ourselves…”How are we going to do this? How are we going to get better at signing and understanding it?” Plus, many more questions you ask yourselves when you whitewash or open a new area. Since it was all very new w…

Poolside Baptism...once again!

We had another poolside baptism for John! It was amazing. I guess I have become an expert on poolside baptisms now. :)

One Last Transfer...

   Peter was one of my last baptisms while I was at the U of U in YSA last summer. He told me after his baptism that he wanted to be a missionary. Sure enough his mother moved to America from Hong Kong 3 months ago and took the lessons and got baptized this past Saturday!  He is already a missionary! 

Valentines Day was interesting but good! Here is a photo of Elder Quinton and I all ready for Valentines Day! 

This week is transfers, tomorrow. After nine transfers of being Zone Leader I got the call last night saying that I will be released from being Zone Leader this Tuesday and will be placed as District Leader for my last transfer. I am really excited about it as I have been working on opening an ASL program for missionaries for the past two weeks, ever since we got a request from the ward and stake. This past week I did exchanges with Elder Valdez who also knows ASL, for a day. We helped the deaf ward with an activity and they were so excited to see us. We ate dinner at our apartmen…

An Exciting New Assignment

Mom and Dad, 

I am not really sure how to put into words what I am feeling right now. As you saw, we had interviews with president on Wednesday and he asked "How long have you been Zone Leader? What do you think about the deaf ward?" and so on. I told him this is my 9th transfer as a Zone Leader and that I love the deaf ward. He shared his thoughts on having me be released for my last transfer and work in the ASL program--Meaning start the ASL program for missionaries. I was excited about it but also unsure on how I feel about the whole thing. I asked him if I could talk to Brady and ask him questions and such. That's why I asked for his number. As I talked with Brady I learned that all the Utah missions don't have ASL missionaries...not even in Provo. Shocked...I talked with President Eberhardt the following day and he gave me a copy of the letter he got requesting ASL missionaries from the deaf ward. I read it and was excited but another question came..."just …

Meet Ryan and the gang!

Someone got the CAMERA!

Meet Elder Quinton!