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My London!

Elder [Colton] Cluff in London! 

"Almost a year ago, on my year mark in my mission,  my brother entered the England London South Mission. It has been so cool having him out at the same time as me. I learn a lot from him through his emails and he is an awesome missionary! I have learned that despite the many miles that are between us we are united and close as we wear the same name tag. Elder Colton Cluff is my hero!" -Elder David Cluff 

"Come What May and Love It!" 

Crazy, Amazing and Miraculous Week!

How do I begin to write about this past week!?!? I wish you could have been a fly watching everything that was going on. 
So the start of the week was calm and I thought, Okay, this week is going to be a "normal" week. By Thursday we were doing pretty good until around 10pm when we got phone calls that we needed to take a companionship to the office and then go two missions away to pick up a new car for this companionship. Then we had to be back by 1pm to do exchanges with one of our district leaders. We did not get get back until almost 1:30. Then we had to go talk to another companionship as we were getting complaints from their landlord. We ended up helping them clean for about 20 minutes and making sure it was up to the standard of the Landlord. It was a weird day. But, we managed to get a few lessons in that day, which was awesome! 
Friday morning came around and we got to the Zone Building where all our District Meetings are held. We were bouncing between the 3 distri…


My New Companion

Meet Elder Quinton!  From Canada! 
 He got stuck with Elder Cluff! 

Simply Miracles!!

This past week has been a week full of miracles! Simply Miracles! Before I begin to talk about that let me just say….IT’S 2014! I can’t believe it. The past year has gone by so fast and now I have two transfers left. It is really strange to think I will just stop there.
This week is also transfers and I will be staying. This will be my 9th transfer as a Zone Leader!
 Okay, now about the miracles!

  December 29, 2013: We had a lesson with two of our investigators who were on date for January 4th. The husband is in a wheelchair and had was in the hospital just days before and they were not sure he would be able to get in the water. They are also in their 50’s and have endured many, many trials the past few weeks but we said a prayer and we all felt strongly that January 4th was their baptism day. Elder Smith and I were praying really hard that everything would work out as we were still looking for a place to baptize him. There needed to be a ramp or a lift of some sort to p…

A Poolside Baptism!

Read the story and miracle behind this baptism: HERE

Meet My Companion...Elder Smith

Ok, a member let me use their camera and lets just say I love being behind the camera! :) Enjoy! 

Typical Zone Leader Life...ALWAYS ON THE PHONE! 

Trying to be like Elder Cluff by wearing his Cochlear Implants! 

These are the girls that got baptized two weeks ago and they are helping Elder Smith pose for the shot.