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Bittersweet Moments

Sounds like you had an interesting week...Welcome to Missionary Work/life! I smiled really big as I read your letter, as I was doing the same thing that you all were doing. We had two baptisms on the 14th! Each hold an interesting story of how it all came to be. 
  Our first baptism was for Amanda. She is a single mother of two young kids (3 years old and 4 months). She wanted to have the blessings of the Gospel in her life. She started meeting with the missionaries and accepted the invitation to be baptized on the first day. She went to church twice but did not make it the third time so we had to move the baptism date to the 14th. She came to church for the 3rd time! Whew...but then we realized that the missionaries never taught her the Word of Wisdom and the commandments so we tried to set up a lesson but she was so busy the first half of the week. So...we taught her over the phone. We got the time and everything set....then she got a fever! "Oh my goodness!" I thought! …

Christmas Once Again

Hello Family and Friends! 

   I wanted to take a moment and wish you all a Merry Christmas! I have learned that when you believe---anything is possible.  Here is a little story that I read and felt to share with all of you. 
“A Favorite Christmas Song” “Next on the program was one of my favorite songs—“C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s.” I looked up to see a sister with stooped shoulders and one hand held close to her body, walking with an awkward stride to stand beside the piano. She stood with one hip lower than the other and offered a lopsided smile before she began. I admit I wrongfully wondered if the song would be any good. “When I was but a youngster, Christmas meant one thing,” she sang. The song went on to tell how a child learns how to spell Christmas and discovers what the holiday is really about. “C is for the Christ child, born upon this day; H for herald angels.” Her mouth was slack on one side, and she had difficulty forming the words. “R means our Redeemer; I means Israel; S is for the star…

When Faith Endures

Mom and Dad, 
   First, the mailing address was changed just because of my area. We live with members and they are not home all the time and it would be a hassle to have the mail thing figured out. So sending it to the mission office is the best way at this time. Plus, I live in an "estate neighborhood." I am not kidding....people actually live in an estate and the house we are in is kind of in the middle of a house and estate. I will attach a photo of one of our neighbors. So, apparently Mitt Romney lives in one of our wards! This should be a very interesting transfer.     Thanksgiving was great. Our zone got together and had a turkey bowl and then about 12:30 or so we all split up and attended the missionary thanksgiving day! Some missionaries asked if we could go with them to a 1pm to help eat the food. Then we asked them to go with us at 3pm to help eat the food and then President and Sister Eberhardt invited us over for a 5pm dinner. Lets just say I ate very little and …

Blessings Once Again

Transfers was on Tuesday and now it is Thanksgiving and our P-day. I got transferred and learned that things often don't go as we planned. Although, there are many blessings in disguise. On Sunday night I was awaiting that phone call that I would be released as Zone Leader and made a trainer. But, that phone call never came. I prayed that I will be able to handle whatever is thrown my way. Mondaymorning came and I found I would be leaving Park City and staying Zone Leader. It was a rather rough day for me personally. I was humbled and comforted by the Lord as I studied the scriptures and knew that this was what needed to happen. I said my goodbyes, packed my bags once again and headed to the mission office to see what the next 6 weeks awaits for me. They called up all the newly called zone leaders and current zone leaders. I was the oldest zone leader up there, going on 8 transfers as Zone Leader. I am now in the Cottonwood Zone serving with Elder Smith. He and I were in the MTC …

Trust in His Plan

This morning, after a long wait, we got the transfer information. I am still trying to figure out what is going on. So this much I do know. 1. I am leaving Kamas (Super sad about it) and 2. I am STILL Zone Leader (going on 8 transfers as Zone Leader). I am not sure what to think about that. I totally thought I would be released as Zone Leader and do something else....guess not. I am just going to embrace whatever comes my way. I pray that I will have the strength to continue to help all the missionaries. Dad, you may understand this aspect but I am tired of dealing with all the missionary drama that always seems to happen each week. Deep breathing comes in handy when I just want to say something rather harsh to some situations I encounter.
But, it is a Beautiful Life and I will keep smiling and trust in His plan.
I was thinking about what a short time I have been in this area and just how I was able to see God's hand each day. I was able to see lives change, make connections and…

Miracles and Simple Blessings

Hello everyone! This past week has gone by so fast and lots of things to do and get done but we still see miracles happen everyday! 
On Thursday we got a phone call from a member saying "Hey, can you come to my house as I need to talk to you about someone that I need you to teach." We had meetings most of the day and said we can come over at 3pm. We showed up and he told us the story. Brother Thacker goes on to say "So, I was helping a lady pull stumps out of her yard and stuff. I decided to ask if she had any religion. She said she did not grow up with anything and went to every church growing up to find what fit with what she felt to be true. So, I asked her if she would be interested in having two young men, missionaries, come share with her what I believed. She said YES! I then they may invite you to be baptized on their first visit are you okay with that? She again said, yeah!." Elder Daines and I almost fell over at this point as we listen to him te…