November 25, 2013

Snow Once Again

Trying to contact a referral on the mountain. We may have gotten stuck but we made it out and  learned how to better drive in the snow. I think we will wait till spring to try the mountain again. :) Got to love Utah Snow!

Woke up to 4 inches of Snow!!
All is well! 

November 6, 2013

Good Times...No, Great Times!

What an amazing, crazy, fun and blessed week it has been! 

I am grateful for all the Divine Signatures that I find placed in my life each day!  Your package came and the bread was all in one piece. I was craving that the day before the package came and it tasted soooo goood! Good memories. :) Thanks for the package...I loved it! :) 

  On Tuesday I was on exchanges with a district leader in Coalville till Wednesday morning. The Elder I was with is a great missionary and he goes home with me. He is from the South Mission when we split and created the new Utah Salt Lake City East Mission. In the short 24 hours that I was there I learned that the first Stake President for that area was W.W Cluff. It was really neat to see that. The guy that we ran into asked, "You are a Cluff?" and I said "Yeah...". He then went on for about 15 min about the Cluffs and really wanted to take me to the cemetery  to see the grave sight. We could not as we were already busy with appointments. I thought that was cool. 

   Wednesday came fast and when I got back to Kamas we had a meeting with the district leaders in the Zone to do our weekly training meeting with them. We are to train the District Leaders but in reality we are training each other and learning how to help the missionaries in the zone. After that we had to make a trip to the mission office to pick up supplies for the Zone. We got there around 1:30 and after we got everything, Sister Eberhardt walked in. She asked what we were up to and we helped them bring in food for their Halloween party (for the rest of the mission except Park City and Wyoming Zones.---but I think our food was much better and we had a good time.) The rest of the mission was also going to the Temple at 4 to see the new film....but we were not invited. Sister Eberhardt said, "Well, while you're down here....go to the Jordan River Temple before the rest of the mission gets there." Elder Daines and I said with excitement, "Yes...thank you, thank you!" She gave us some names to do and we were on our way to find home. We had to hop 3 different missions to get to the Jordan River Temple! When we pulled up we were so excited and may have felt like little kids on Christmas morning. It was the best thing that happened that day. It was worth the wait. The film was amazing! We walked out of the temple and both just felt a renewed strength and felt uplifted. I miss going more often. 

   Thursday was Halloween and it was a crazy day. We now know why we don't proselyte most of the day. We had a zone/district meeting that morning and then went to 5 Guys for lunch--for the first time since I left St. Louis! SO GOOD! Anyway, while we were there we got so many comments like "nice costumes"...people did not believe that we were really real missionaries. We got a laugh about that. Cleaning the leaves on the tree was a more daunting task than we had thought. We started at 1 pm and finally finished the last leaf at 3 pm...just in time for the trick-r-treaters. We were expecting about 1800 people to come through main street. We counted that wrong as we had 1,850 pieces of candy and ran out! There were still 100's of people coming through. I was on the main floor cleaning up when all the sudden this flood of people came into the center and I had to call some other missionaries down to help get them out. Good times! We closed the center down sooner than we had expected. We had an awesome dinner and a good time with the zone. Elder and Sister Jerman are the directors for the Family Tree Center and they provided the dinner. They are awesome! 

A week from today I will hit my 19 month mark. It is weird how fast time is going. I feel like I just got here in the mission.

Well, all is well. We have a mission council meeting tomorrow at 9 am and Elder Daines and I are training all the zone leaders on how to teach active members. Should be fun! 

From my heart to yours, 
Elder David Cluff 

November 4, 2013

Halloween in Park City

This is where you would find me on Halloween!! We gave out 1,850 pieces of candy and ran out! There was about 2,000 people that came through main street. It was a great night and lots of fun with the Park City Zone!! Enjoy the photos! 

 Cleaning the Tree! 1pm to 3pm! 
 All ready to go....loaded up 1,850 pieces of candy! 3pm to 5:30pm
 The first group to coming up!!!!

 Yikes.....too many people! 
 Decorating Contest!!! (This is not mine....mine was a disaster.) 
 FOOD! Had a yummy Dinner, Hawaiian Haystacks and an awesome apple desert.  

 Meet the missionaries that I get to work with everyday! They are all awesome! 
 An attempt to do a zone photo....
Got a good one! Whew!!!!

 Happy Halloween!