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Hastening the Work

Mom and Dad,

What a week it has been! Tuesday we had a Mission Leadership Council meeting at 8am in Salt Lake City and we were there until around 3pm. It was a long day. I was just very glad that president did not make any comment to all the zone leaders about the accident. But, the word got around pretty quick and other missionaries would come up and ask me about it. It does not take long for any news to get out. :) Today I got the police accident report. I hated getting it as I was just fine not having to see it. I did get new tires for the car on Wed so that is an improvement---just need the body to get repaired. Just like dad and concrete---I think I hate dealing with these types of situations.

I love the fall weather and I have been wearing my sweater most days but I love it. So far no flooding at least in our area. The Elders in Mountain View area are having to deal with a lot of sand bagging and such as they got it the worst. On Saturday Elder Taka woke up rather cold--I guess…