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One More Thing....

As I was writing my letter to president I was reminded of something that happened yesterday and I felt to share it with you.

"Yesterday, we were teaching a group of Young Men in one of the wards. We were wanting to help them learn how to teach using Preach My Gospel. We did many role plays and often they were reading straight from the book rather than teaching from what they knew and bearing testimony. To help them understand that sharing testimony is the most powerful tool you have when you are teaching I decided to share my Testimony in American Sign Language. I started to sign my testimony; the room fell into silence and the Holy Ghost testified to each of them that the things we taught are true. As I signed "amen" the boys sat still and they knew that they felt the spirit despite the fact that I was speaking in a different language that they could not understand.
It was the perfect lesson!

I know that Jesus is the Christ and that through Him we can become …

All Things Cowboy

Mom and Dad,
  I read Colton's email and yeah....I am in the same boat as him. Him in London and me in Wyoming....who would have thought. I mean this past week I have had to help walk horses back to the barn (stepped in horse poop), pulled huge weeds that seem to be the only thing that can grow in Wyoming and they are hard to pull out, unloaded and stacked hay. We also went to the county junior rodeo to talk to one of the bishops and make contact with our investigators. I kept laughing as Colton and I seemed to have switched roles for a little bit. I mean everyone here wears boots and cowboy hats---EVERYWHERE. It seems that Heavenly Father is making Colton and I come to really appreciate each other. Interesting how the Lord works.    I am learning to find Heaven within...despite how very different all this is for me. A family in one of the wards kept telling me that they think it was a blessing for me to be here in the stake where there is a young man who is 17 years old and has …

Howdy y'all

I titled this email "From College to Colton's Country..." as I went from being at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City to a small country town in Evanston Wyoming. After finding out on Monday night and just feeling like I was going to be torn apart, I made it through---thank goodness to all of you and your prayers. I was staying the night with Elder Pew and his companion and they caught me in tears and so I told them what was going on. They helped me through and Elder Pew told me great things about Wyoming. His companion jokes and said "what if Elder Pew follows you up to Wyoming as he is leaving..."  We all laughed and we both said "No way". One thing that helped me through was what Mom said about a chance for me to get a break and take a breath. The thought sounded great but I did not know if I really needed it. After a really good nights sleep we packed everything up and made it to the office on Tuesday at 11am. I was starting to fee…