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Exciting Times, Lots of Changes and Things to Learn

I met my new mission president, President (John) Eberhardt, from Sandy, UT--he is a very nice man and I felt the spirit testify that he is my new mission president and that he was called to this mission. The mission home is their home in Sandy. :) Well, earlier that morning I got a text from the bishop over the deaf ward. He asked me to speak in their ward that coming Sunday. I kind of panicked a minute and took all morning to finally say yes. I was super worried and asked him, "Is it okay if I don't sign my whole talk?" He said that is just fine. Whew....but I still did not feel comfortable doing it. I got the topic "How can the ward members help the ward youth prepare to serve missions." Uh....that made me feel very inadequate to help these members help the youth. But, the follow things I am about to share seemed to be an answer to what Heavenly Father wanted me to share.  

1. It started Friday morning with District Meetings and running into President Eberhard…

A Leap of Faith

This past week was filled with many tender mercies. We had a lesson with an investigator from North Korea. He has been taught all the lessons for the past month. He says he wants to be baptized but was worried about what will happen after. We were at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. He decided to tell more of his story of how he came to America. He told Elder Park in Korean and then Elder Park translated for me. He talked about how there was this big river at the top of North Korea and on the other side was China. He wanted to have a different life and decided that he needed to leave. So, he jumped into the river and swam across leaving behind his mother and sister. His father died when he was 14 years old. He made it across the river and then started his unknown journey. He walked for a month and a half in unknown territory until he reached a city in China where he learned Chinese and lived there for two years where he also read the bible three times. After some time he was able t…


Last night's broadcast was absolutely amazing! We were not shocked as we have been seeing it coming for the past 6 months. All the training that we have received all go hand in hand with what we learned last night. Pretty amazing! It will change everything and help us all feel like we can do something more than what we have been doing. Elder Park (my new companion) and I were just so excited after and at the end of the broadcast people came up to us with an extra sense of their purpose and also gave us referrals. It is now all online at: The music and the videos were perfect for all of our members. Some would comment saying that the videos helped them understand what they can do. The spirit was so strong and it lifted my soul to a much higher ground. Loved it!  A little about my week: Transfer Day (Wed, June 19th): It was a long and emotional day for all 250+ missionaries. Not only are we getting two new mi…