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"What the Lord has done for me"

Mom and Dad,
Sounds like you had a crazy week and an early morning. :) Hopefully you and Sadie can recover from girls camp and enjoy this week. It will go by pretty fast. :)  I am really grateful that I am not on that scout campout! Yikes! Have fun Sam and Dad! :)  This past week has been crazy and I am really excited for transfers. If everything happens the way President Winn told me a few weeks ago...I will have a lot less stress but I will also get a new kind of stress training a new zone leader who will leave for home on July 24th. I also found out that I will be the only active zone leader for tomorrow and Wednesday so that will be interesting to see how that works out. Oh boy! "Come what may and love it!" That is the motivation for me right now---just love it. :)  All is well here. We had a Chinese baptism this past week and it was good. I have no clue what is being said in the lessons but that is okay.  I get to work in the deaf ward again this Wednesday and that shou…

"Come What May and Love it!"

Mom and Dad,
Summer really is here! Yesterday it was 95 degrees and in the car it said 107!  This week has been interesting. Your letter about Youth Conference was so amazing and I felt the spirit so strong. You captured the events in a very real way and I longed to be there watching the youth during the reenactment of the Savior coming to the Nephites. That image stands out in my mind very vividly. What an amazing few days that must have been. :)  Talking with TeeMarie really helped me and she talked about a new processor that is coming out this winter (hopefully) for my implants. It is supposed to be smaller, better microphones and Bluetooth capability! She said it will help with me using the phone, music and more comfort for my ears. I was blown away by that. :)  Teaching the deaf girl was amazing! Her name is Kathryn, 9 years old. I took her to watch a baptism of twin girls that I taught last May with Elder Robinson. After the baptism she signed "I want baptism". Her par…

Many Languages and Cultures

Where do I begin? First of all, I have a new area added to the U of U area and Elder Portas and I have a 3rd companion. They added the Chinese Ward to our area, which covers the whole mission and parts of other missions, including some of Provo. Having Elder Guo, from China, with us has made things more stressful and a little tight in the apartment. But we are adjusting and with my ability to re-arrange EVERYTHING we were able to make the 3 beds fit. We found out on Wed at 1pm that we had to be at the mission office at 2pm to pick up our new companion. We had to make some rearrangements within the zone to accompany all the changes. It was a crazy day. The day we picked up Elder Guo he said, "We have a Chinese baptism tonight." Our life changed very fast and we ended up being triple booked that night. We mostly have him go on splits with the Chinese members to work with the Chinese since we don't speak a word. It will be an interesting change.

We had leadership training t…