May 1, 2013

"Come Follow Me"

I had an amazing conference weekend. I got to go to all 5 sessions at the conference center. Amazing! I loved every session and each investigator that we brought was touched and found answers to their questions. I also got to go to the ASL section for Sunday morning and sat with the deaf. Elder Portas thought it was funny watching it in ASL and tried not to laugh at the expressions. I also sat with Uncle Brady's bishop of the deaf ward! All three of their kids wear Cochlear Implants and everyone on the three rows kept coming up to me and asking me questions. They all thought it was weird that I was not an ASL missionary. I just told them that the Lord had another plan for me. It was neat to talk and sign with them.

We had an amazing experience with each of our investigators that attended conference. One is Aline. We set up a lesson for Sunday night to talk about what she felt throughout the session she went to. She said, "I know I want to be baptized!" She had a date but was not really sure about it. She said the moment that President Monson entered the conference center, she knew he was a prophet. She said, "I kept having this warm feeling inside of me and knew I needed to be baptized." She is so excited to tell her sister who was baptized about a year ago in Logan, Utah. It was amazing!
Then we took another investigator, Yaun-il, to another session and every talk seemed to be pointed directly to him. We taught the law of chastity to him and he was willing to keep it but he kept saying, "I don't really understand why I need to." We taught it to him again, our member taught it to him and a bishop taught him; but he still kept asking that question. Elder Portas and I prayed that he would find his answer in conference. We sat in the Saturday afternoon session with him when Elder Bednar got up and spoke directly to him! It was amazing. Afterwards he said, "I know now". We then felt more confident about his baptism this coming weekend.

I can't believe that I only have two more conferences left! I loved every moment of it. It is also weird to now be known as one of the "older missionaries"! This is going to be a great year!

As I have been able to work with less actives or returning members, they know what they need to do and just need to be reminded of what really matters. I strive to help them remember that they are a Son or Daughter of God. God loves them and we have a divine purpose in this life. We are His children. After we point them towards God by helping them remember experiences that they have had in the past, we invite. This gospel is a gospel of transformation but it is all done by inviting. Christ said, "Come follow me"--an invitation that draws all men everywhere to follow him. That is how my investigators come to know that the Book of Mormon is true--we invite. They get baptized because we invite. They come to church because a friend invited them. They pray because the Spirit invited them. They decide to become more like our Savior as they read the scriptures and hear the Saviors voice, "Come Follow Me".