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"Come Follow Me"

I had an amazing conference weekend. I got to go to all 5 sessions at the conference center. Amazing! I loved every session and each investigator that we brought was touched and found answers to their questions. I also got to go to the ASL section for Sunday morning and sat with the deaf. Elder Portas thought it was funny watching it in ASL and tried not to laugh at the expressions. I also sat with Uncle Brady's bishop of the deaf ward! All three of their kids wear Cochlear Implants and everyone on the three rows kept coming up to me and asking me questions. They all thought it was weird that I was not an ASL missionary. I just told them that the Lord had another plan for me. It was neat to talk and sign with them.

We had an amazing experience with each of our investigators that attended conference. One is Aline. We set up a lesson for Sunday night to talk about what she felt throughout the session she went to. She said, "I know I want to be baptized!" She had a date but …