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Finding Faith in Christ

Yesterday was amazing! We had to go to about 4 wards and I had a headache all day. We were doing splits at 5:00 and I was stressing out about the lesson since she speaks a different language. I prayed that the spirit would teach her. As we were rushing out of the institute building at 5:15 I had an impression to grab one of our "Finding Faith in Christ" DVD's and put it in my bag. I got to the lesson and it was a rough start but we had the opening prayer and my headache started going away. I asked a few questions and asked how her Book of Mormon reading was. The translator was there and helped a ton. Then I had an impression to show the DVD---even though it did not seem to go with what we were talking about. I decided that I must follow the prompting. We put it on and had it play in her language (I can't spell the name of the language other than they speak it in Brazil). At the end I looked at Alline and she had tears running down her face. I asked her what stood out…