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If I Could Sing....

If I could sing...I would. These past few days have been such good days! I am holding onto every moment. I am pretty much recovered--just a runny nose every now and then. I am still District Leader and I have  the most amazing district. They are also smaller which makes things easier for me. :) The Layton Zone now has three districts and one district has only 4 elders. All this is in preparation for the new missionaries. So exciting!

We got about 23 inches of snow (in two days) so everything got crazy. On Thursday it was literally a blizzard and we could not even get our car to our apartment. Then on Friday we had to park the car as everyone in the Davis County area could not drive the mission cars and schools actually got called off. It was a crazy day. We spent a lot of time shoveling snow...LOTS OF SNOW!! :) I had to drive in the snow...thanks for trying to teach me over the years. :)

Your letter helped me a ton and I have been able to share bits and pieces in my lesso…

The Lord's Many Tender Mercies

Mom and Dad,
I have felt your prayers and fasting, added peace and strength. My interview with President Winn went pretty well. I told him about my problems with my hearing and balance and about how hard it is for me to exercise. He basically said, "Just keep trying your best" and talked about how in Ether he said how he was weak in writing and yet we all think it is powerful when we read it. He then said, "You may see things as weakness within you but others may see them as strengths." He then asked, "Do you think you can handle another transfer with Elder Pew?" I thought about it for a minute and said, "Whatever the Lord wants." It has not been easy but I can and will do all things through Christ. As I left the interview I felt, "No one fully understands me, not even President Winn." No words could describe what I was feeling. When I felt like I was about to drop...I felt someone walking beside me who said, "I do, trust me.&quo…