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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was great. We had to have two thanksgiving dinners (one in each stake). We had one at 2pm and another at 4pm, then one of our investigators gave us a whole pumpkin pie---Elder Pew and I were very smart and ate the whole pie that night. Let's just say that will never happen again. We also had a Turkey Bowl as a zone and if you remember what I do every will know just what I was doing--Taking photos and serving everyone hot chocolate...what I do best. :) I learned that thanksgiving is much better with family and that made me more grateful for my wonderful family. I handled it all very well and throughout the day I thought of last thanksgiving and how special it was to me. I felt your prayers that day and always. :)

I love hearing about those amazing sacrament meetings. We had a lesson like that last week on Monday. I was on splits with a young man that just turned 16 a few weeks prior. That young man bore such a powerful testimony that it touched our investig…