November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was great. We had to have two thanksgiving dinners (one in each stake). We had one at 2pm and another at 4pm, then one of our investigators gave us a whole pumpkin pie---Elder Pew and I were very smart and ate the whole pie that night. Let's just say that will never happen again. We also had a Turkey Bowl as a zone and if you remember what I do every will know just what I was doing--Taking photos and serving everyone hot chocolate...what I do best. :) I learned that thanksgiving is much better with family and that made me more grateful for my wonderful family. I handled it all very well and throughout the day I thought of last thanksgiving and how special it was to me. I felt your prayers that day and always. :)

I love hearing about those amazing sacrament meetings. We had a lesson like that last week on Monday. I was on splits with a young man that just turned 16 a few weeks prior. That young man bore such a powerful testimony that it touched our investigator, Adam, and his wife who is a member. The Sunday before the lesson he did not feel ready to be baptized that coming Saturday (November 24) and said that if he did he wanted to do more lessons. So we booked a lesson for him every day and that Monday his desire changed and he said, "I want to be baptized this Saturday!" We had a lesson with him every day and even took him to Temple Square to watch the Joseph Smith Movie. Then on Saturday at 7pm he was baptized! It was amazing and there were so many tender mercies. For example, we had to move everything to a different building at the last minute (like an hour and a half before the baptism). We still had to fill that font and we prayed really hard that it would be filled on time. We started filling it up and it was filled up on time! We told the Stake President about it and he said, "You know that font takes about 3 hours to fill and it is a process to keep it warm." It was a tender mercy from the Lord!

Last week we were downtown everyday expect Thursday and Sunday! Monday we had our temple trip, Tuesday mission leadership training, Wednesday Temple Square tour with a part member family, Friday Temple Square tour with Adam and Saturday Temple Square Tour with another investigator. We have to now do the tours as the temple square sisters are short on sisters and also are busy with the holiday visitors. Let's just say that after doing three tours...we did much better than our first attempt. When I get off my mission I can give you all a tour of temple square. :)

Last night one our ward mission leaders said, "I don't think I could handle what you elders have to do in this mission"--Especially after he heard how our Sunday went. We had to be out of our first meeting at 7:45am and had a meeting every hour until 8pm! We did not get time to eat so we fasted. We had to help with a confirmation, do sharing time in two primaries, go to three sacrament meetings, teach two less active families, one investigator and two stake correlation meetings...all back to back! It was a little crazy! I will also be interpreting this Sunday!! There is a 17 year old girl who is deaf and has cochlear implants and is a member but is struggling with the hearing world and deaf world; so when she heard from other members about me she said, "I have to meet him." So, I got a call from a ward mission leader who said, "Elder Cluff, I have an odd favor to ask of you...can you talk to this girl, who wears the same thing as you, about your story and answer her questions?" I laughed and said sure, love to. So we have it set up for this Sunday. I am praying that I will be able to sign. I met another deaf couple at temple square and they pretty much ran up to me and started signing. I tried my best and I gave them my card with a link to my story. They were so excited. Elder Pew laughed and said, "How many people have these things and how many know you?" This has been happening a lot more lately.
Starting today there is a new missionary tool for you. Go to and you can share what Christmas means to you. We had training on this last week and we'll be using it a lot this coming month.

I love you all and I know that Christ lives!

-Elder David B. Cluff