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The Refiners Fire

Mom and Dad,

 What a crazy week! We have been having a hard time finding investigators and most of our investigators have been sick, busy, or on their last minute trip to Lake Powell before school starts. So that has been really tough but all is good! We have two baptisms this Saturday and really hoping these two boys follow through and don't give up. They have been taught by over 5 sets of missionaries. They are 13 and 8 years old and the mom has been less active.

  Some highlights of the week:
1) Got our first Anti-LDS call from a part-member family. The father was sooo mad at us for stopping by (we had no clue that he was anti) and so he called us that night and asked for President Winn's number. We were like "sure, go right ahead!" We called President Winn right away and warned him. He laughed and said "It happens all the time, don't worry." He later called and said "Yeah, I would stay away from that family." :)
2) Yep, Satan is really…

Flipped Right Side Up :)

Wow, what a crazy week! My world was flipped right side up! Going from greenie to Senior Companion is a bit crazy. My companion is Elder Baier and he is amazing! He has only been out two months! Sister Winn, President Winn, Brother & Sister Jaggi (the member we live with) all said they were so excited about our companionship. Our first day we found out that Elder Baier's sister married into the Hemming family and met Sister Christensen's dad and step mom. He was also born in Ballwin, MO and moved to North Carolina when he was 4.
We get along so well and we are training each other each day. We also work harder than ever! We spent 3 hours on Friday and Saturday looking through the area book and trying to find former investigators. We have no one on date and it is driving us crazy. Sunday was very interesting as Elder Baier previously only had one branch (a language program for the valley), and when we went to 5 wards and two correlation meetings he was burned out by dinner.…