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"Sacrificing Something Ordinary for Something Extraordinary"

Mom and Dad!
  What a joy it was to get your package on Saturday. It came at the moment I needed it most. You really know what I need...everything in there was perfect and came as answers to many prayers. :) This past week has been a testimony of how much the Lord watches over me. On Saturday I saw that I did not have a $5 bill, I only had a $20, and I did not know how I would break it to pay fast offerings. The thought came to mind, "Take no thought for what ye shall eat, drink or say;" and within the next hour a guy came up to Elder Robinson and I and gave each of us a $5 bill. I was shocked and knew it was an answer to my prayer. In the mission we are told to accept money from people so we always accept. That was a little miracle as well as many other little things.

  Sarah's baptism went great! (I attached a photo) and at the end she said "I don't know what I am so happy about, but I am so happy!" At the end of the baptism one of our investigators, Dan…

Time Flies

Sounds like youth conference was fun! I totally can picture everything that you guys did--after all I was behind the camera for 3 years. :) I LOVE how you guys rented a 15 passenger van. When I read that I thought "Yep, that's my parents" and it made me laugh out loud. Have you guys gotten any rain yet? We got some the day after the 4th. We also had a lot of our fireworks shows  called off as some areas like Park City were seeing ashes from all the fires. On Tuesday I saw smoke coming from behind one of the mountains--which was from the Alpine fire. It has been a very interesting summer here.

Ok, I went to walmart and can't believe that they are already doing the Back to School shopping and sales!! Crazy...feels like I just got here. I totally agree with you about time and how fast it is going. Some nights I lay down and think to it really July and my 3rd transfers in two weeks! It blows my mind...even more so when I can now tell people I have been out …