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Defenders of Zion

Well, this past week has been one crazy week! All day Monday and part of Tuesday everyone was wondering who was going to be in the new mission. Sadly, everyone from my MTC district, except one (Elder Smith), are going to be in the new mission. We were all heart broken at transfers but at the same time so excited! Transfers were really hard on President and Sister Winn as they had to pick 72 of our missionaries to go to the new West Mission. Everyone was in tears and you could see how much Pres. and Sister Winn care for each missionary. It was a great day as we got 40 new missionaries!  It was so much fun for me to watch where I was just 7 weeks ago. We have two of the "greenies" in our district and they are both awesome! Along with transfers we lost one of our stakes, Monument Park North, and Elder Robinson and I were heartbroken as it was hard to say goodbye to all the amazing people in the area. In that area I met the nephew of Elder Bruce R. McConkie, a granddaughter of E…