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A Walk in the Savior's Shoes

Things have been going great here and I am slowly getting the hang of things and finding my way around Utah. The people here are really nice and each have an interesting story. I am learning so much about how to deal with different people and how to be the best missionary I can be. Right before I left the MTC we watched a talk from an MTC fireside by Elder Holland. He said that when you are on a mission you are learning what it is like to walk in the Savior's shoes. I am--and have been seeing that more vividly. Each day as I walk these streets of East Salt Lake City, I feel the joy when people want to hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ and I also feel the sadness that comes when someone rejects the gospel. I have also felt part of the Savior's pain of when He was rejected and alone; and yet the Savior still loved all those around Him.
I love this work and I love how the Spirit can change lives through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Some days are harder than others bu…

Tender Mercies

I have so much to tell you!

  The second day with Elder Smith was a ton of fun and work. We were in his area and we got lost but found our way back. We shared the gospel with all those we came in contact with. It was great!
  Thursday night we put another boy on date for baptism this Saturday. He was taught all the lessons and was going to church with his grandparents but never took the final step. So, that is happening this Saturday as well as Mason's baptism! It will be an awesome day and a busy week for us. :)

  Ok, I can't hold this in!!! You would not believe what happened yesterday!!!!
Elder Robinson and I had meetings that started at 7:30am and went all through the day. We went to two sacrament meetings and had meetings in between it all. Crazy day! We were fasting as a mission for an Elder who was having medical issues; and I was also fasting personally as I had a really rough Saturday night and feeling discouraged. Anyway, at 3pm we had one last ward to attend to. …
This is David and his first companion in Salt Lake City
This is the family that David had dinner with on Mothers day

The Missionary Roller Coaster

We are learning that missionary life is like an emotional roller coaster:)--and not just for the missionary but for the mom as well! The exciting part is that the "ups" will soon start to far outnumber the "downs." David had a little time later in the day to write us a quick letter which we received in the mail last Friday. We got to see how quickly things can turn around. David writes....

Wow! My mood has changed so much since this morning! I just got back from the most amazing baptism ever! Janie, whom I had never met until tonight, got baptized. I got to meet her at 6:30 (30 minutes before her baptism) and I was just so thrilled to meet her. Her story is amazing and such a great example to all those that attended. Her family are strong Catholics. They didn't really want her to be baptized but at the same time were very supportive of her decision. So many people came to the baptism, including Pres. and Sister Winn. It was all so amazing! Then the Bishop asked…

My New Life

I am so happy to hear from you! I do get mail every Friday; so as long as the mail makes it to the mission office on Thursday then I should get it. :) I think this past week has been the hardest days of my life. On Wednesday I saw Elder Steele and that made my day and he helped me a little. President and Sister Winn are so amazing (more about that soon). My companion/trainer is Elder Robinson. He has been out for about 7 months and is from Alabama. Heavenly Father likes to test me and see how I can handle hard things. Wednesday afternoon President Winn sent all the trainers and new missionaries to the streets of Salt Lake City to do some contacting. I liked it but it was really hard for me to hear people when there are so many cars and noises. But I got through it and committed three people to be baptized. Then after that we went back to the mission office to get my stuff and head over to our apartment. On our way to our apartment we had to get gas and Elder Robinson asked me to fill …

Final Day at the MTC

Ok, so this past weekend has been amazing! Despite my health I loved it! (David has had some stomach issues while in the MTC but is doing much better.) We sang in sacrament meeting and at the last part of  the hymn, "I need thee every hour," we had one of the elders sing alone, "Oh bless me now my savior; I come to thee." We practiced it over and over and in the middle of the song I had the strongest impression that I needed to sign that part as he sang. At first, I was like no way, then the next thing I know...I am signing it. My district came up after and said that was the coolest thing ever! I also got to talk to the deaf missionaries and one of them is going to Independence! Another also has a cochlear implant but we both have different stories. He does not even know if his is working. Everyone asks me what is wrong with his. I just respond I am not sure. So many people come up to me asking "what is on your head" and a lot of senior missionaries are i…