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Hello everyone! This is David and one of the very few times that I will write directly to this blog. This blog is a blog sharing my journey as I am on my mission. On the side you will find what I believe, what a mission is and my mailing address for those that want to write. I would love letters but I may not be able to respond as fast due to the busy days that are ahead. I will be leaving on April 11th, 2012 where I will leave behind everything and serve my Heavenly Father for two years. For the next few years I will be teaching about Jesus Christ and his teachings. I will be sharing a message of joy, love, peace and that families are, indeed, eternal families. I will share experiences from my life where I have felt the power of the atonement in my everyday life. I love this work so much and have been preparing myself ever since I was a little boy and hearing about my dad's mission. My parents will update this blog for me as I press forward on this new journey in my life. I …