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The Spirit of Christmas

Last week was an amazing and weird week. A lot of our appointments fell through but that is alright. We were able to find two new investigators and put a young man on date to be baptized Dec 29!
It was amazing as one of the youth called us and said, "I have a friend that wants to take the lessons. I have it set up to teach in the bishop's home on Saturday at 4pm. Can you be there?" We responded with an excited YES!!! It was amazing! The miracle of this experience was this young woman was not afraid to act upon the promptings of the Holy Ghost and share what she believes.

I gave a talk in one of our wards yesterday and before sacrament meeting the Ward Mission Leader came up to me and asked, "What are you speaking about?" I responded, "I have no clue"; and he gave me a puzzled, worried look. I told him I came up with three different ideas/themes but they never felt right the morning of the meeting. I then said, "I feel at peace and you need not …

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving was great. We had to have two thanksgiving dinners (one in each stake). We had one at 2pm and another at 4pm, then one of our investigators gave us a whole pumpkin pie---Elder Pew and I were very smart and ate the whole pie that night. Let's just say that will never happen again. We also had a Turkey Bowl as a zone and if you remember what I do every will know just what I was doing--Taking photos and serving everyone hot chocolate...what I do best. :) I learned that thanksgiving is much better with family and that made me more grateful for my wonderful family. I handled it all very well and throughout the day I thought of last thanksgiving and how special it was to me. I felt your prayers that day and always. :)

I love hearing about those amazing sacrament meetings. We had a lesson like that last week on Monday. I was on splits with a young man that just turned 16 a few weeks prior. That young man bore such a powerful testimony that it touched our investig…

First Transfer

I am emailing from....Layton! Yep, I got transferred out. Not only that...I am whitewashing the area and I am serving as district leader. When I found out I was going to be District Leader and then transferred, I prayed to Heavenly Father and said, "You know just as much as me how change is often hard on me...please bless me with strength, peace and the faith to go through these changes."

He answered my prayer, every word from my heart!!! He really did! Some major miracles that happened to me personally: I never had a tear drop, never felt overwhelmed, never felt worried, felt at peace, happy and full of strength. I am so so so proud of myself and very grateful for the Lord's help. He is my light!

A little how the week went and transfers: Monday night I got the leadership call and I was in shock and speechless. Elder Baier can testify of that. Tuesday, I had this strong feeling that I was leaving. I started saying my goodbyes, not a tear dropped (which is what I re…

The Refiners Fire

Mom and Dad,

 What a crazy week! We have been having a hard time finding investigators and most of our investigators have been sick, busy, or on their last minute trip to Lake Powell before school starts. So that has been really tough but all is good! We have two baptisms this Saturday and really hoping these two boys follow through and don't give up. They have been taught by over 5 sets of missionaries. They are 13 and 8 years old and the mom has been less active.

  Some highlights of the week:
1) Got our first Anti-LDS call from a part-member family. The father was sooo mad at us for stopping by (we had no clue that he was anti) and so he called us that night and asked for President Winn's number. We were like "sure, go right ahead!" We called President Winn right away and warned him. He laughed and said "It happens all the time, don't worry." He later called and said "Yeah, I would stay away from that family." :)
2) Yep, Satan is really…

Flipped Right Side Up :)

Wow, what a crazy week! My world was flipped right side up! Going from greenie to Senior Companion is a bit crazy. My companion is Elder Baier and he is amazing! He has only been out two months! Sister Winn, President Winn, Brother & Sister Jaggi (the member we live with) all said they were so excited about our companionship. Our first day we found out that Elder Baier's sister married into the Hemming family and met Sister Christensen's dad and step mom. He was also born in Ballwin, MO and moved to North Carolina when he was 4.
We get along so well and we are training each other each day. We also work harder than ever! We spent 3 hours on Friday and Saturday looking through the area book and trying to find former investigators. We have no one on date and it is driving us crazy. Sunday was very interesting as Elder Baier previously only had one branch (a language program for the valley), and when we went to 5 wards and two correlation meetings he was burned out by dinner.…

"Sacrificing Something Ordinary for Something Extraordinary"

Mom and Dad!
  What a joy it was to get your package on Saturday. It came at the moment I needed it most. You really know what I need...everything in there was perfect and came as answers to many prayers. :) This past week has been a testimony of how much the Lord watches over me. On Saturday I saw that I did not have a $5 bill, I only had a $20, and I did not know how I would break it to pay fast offerings. The thought came to mind, "Take no thought for what ye shall eat, drink or say;" and within the next hour a guy came up to Elder Robinson and I and gave each of us a $5 bill. I was shocked and knew it was an answer to my prayer. In the mission we are told to accept money from people so we always accept. That was a little miracle as well as many other little things.

  Sarah's baptism went great! (I attached a photo) and at the end she said "I don't know what I am so happy about, but I am so happy!" At the end of the baptism one of our investigators, Dan…

Time Flies

Sounds like youth conference was fun! I totally can picture everything that you guys did--after all I was behind the camera for 3 years. :) I LOVE how you guys rented a 15 passenger van. When I read that I thought "Yep, that's my parents" and it made me laugh out loud. Have you guys gotten any rain yet? We got some the day after the 4th. We also had a lot of our fireworks shows  called off as some areas like Park City were seeing ashes from all the fires. On Tuesday I saw smoke coming from behind one of the mountains--which was from the Alpine fire. It has been a very interesting summer here.

Ok, I went to walmart and can't believe that they are already doing the Back to School shopping and sales!! Crazy...feels like I just got here. I totally agree with you about time and how fast it is going. Some nights I lay down and think to it really July and my 3rd transfers in two weeks! It blows my mind...even more so when I can now tell people I have been out …

Defenders of Zion

Well, this past week has been one crazy week! All day Monday and part of Tuesday everyone was wondering who was going to be in the new mission. Sadly, everyone from my MTC district, except one (Elder Smith), are going to be in the new mission. We were all heart broken at transfers but at the same time so excited! Transfers were really hard on President and Sister Winn as they had to pick 72 of our missionaries to go to the new West Mission. Everyone was in tears and you could see how much Pres. and Sister Winn care for each missionary. It was a great day as we got 40 new missionaries!  It was so much fun for me to watch where I was just 7 weeks ago. We have two of the "greenies" in our district and they are both awesome! Along with transfers we lost one of our stakes, Monument Park North, and Elder Robinson and I were heartbroken as it was hard to say goodbye to all the amazing people in the area. In that area I met the nephew of Elder Bruce R. McConkie, a granddaughter of E…

A Walk in the Savior's Shoes

Things have been going great here and I am slowly getting the hang of things and finding my way around Utah. The people here are really nice and each have an interesting story. I am learning so much about how to deal with different people and how to be the best missionary I can be. Right before I left the MTC we watched a talk from an MTC fireside by Elder Holland. He said that when you are on a mission you are learning what it is like to walk in the Savior's shoes. I am--and have been seeing that more vividly. Each day as I walk these streets of East Salt Lake City, I feel the joy when people want to hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ and I also feel the sadness that comes when someone rejects the gospel. I have also felt part of the Savior's pain of when He was rejected and alone; and yet the Savior still loved all those around Him.
I love this work and I love how the Spirit can change lives through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Some days are harder than others bu…

Tender Mercies

I have so much to tell you!

  The second day with Elder Smith was a ton of fun and work. We were in his area and we got lost but found our way back. We shared the gospel with all those we came in contact with. It was great!
  Thursday night we put another boy on date for baptism this Saturday. He was taught all the lessons and was going to church with his grandparents but never took the final step. So, that is happening this Saturday as well as Mason's baptism! It will be an awesome day and a busy week for us. :)

  Ok, I can't hold this in!!! You would not believe what happened yesterday!!!!
Elder Robinson and I had meetings that started at 7:30am and went all through the day. We went to two sacrament meetings and had meetings in between it all. Crazy day! We were fasting as a mission for an Elder who was having medical issues; and I was also fasting personally as I had a really rough Saturday night and feeling discouraged. Anyway, at 3pm we had one last ward to attend to. …
This is David and his first companion in Salt Lake City
This is the family that David had dinner with on Mothers day

The Missionary Roller Coaster

We are learning that missionary life is like an emotional roller coaster:)--and not just for the missionary but for the mom as well! The exciting part is that the "ups" will soon start to far outnumber the "downs." David had a little time later in the day to write us a quick letter which we received in the mail last Friday. We got to see how quickly things can turn around. David writes....

Wow! My mood has changed so much since this morning! I just got back from the most amazing baptism ever! Janie, whom I had never met until tonight, got baptized. I got to meet her at 6:30 (30 minutes before her baptism) and I was just so thrilled to meet her. Her story is amazing and such a great example to all those that attended. Her family are strong Catholics. They didn't really want her to be baptized but at the same time were very supportive of her decision. So many people came to the baptism, including Pres. and Sister Winn. It was all so amazing! Then the Bishop asked…

My New Life

I am so happy to hear from you! I do get mail every Friday; so as long as the mail makes it to the mission office on Thursday then I should get it. :) I think this past week has been the hardest days of my life. On Wednesday I saw Elder Steele and that made my day and he helped me a little. President and Sister Winn are so amazing (more about that soon). My companion/trainer is Elder Robinson. He has been out for about 7 months and is from Alabama. Heavenly Father likes to test me and see how I can handle hard things. Wednesday afternoon President Winn sent all the trainers and new missionaries to the streets of Salt Lake City to do some contacting. I liked it but it was really hard for me to hear people when there are so many cars and noises. But I got through it and committed three people to be baptized. Then after that we went back to the mission office to get my stuff and head over to our apartment. On our way to our apartment we had to get gas and Elder Robinson asked me to fill …

Final Day at the MTC

Ok, so this past weekend has been amazing! Despite my health I loved it! (David has had some stomach issues while in the MTC but is doing much better.) We sang in sacrament meeting and at the last part of  the hymn, "I need thee every hour," we had one of the elders sing alone, "Oh bless me now my savior; I come to thee." We practiced it over and over and in the middle of the song I had the strongest impression that I needed to sign that part as he sang. At first, I was like no way, then the next thing I know...I am signing it. My district came up after and said that was the coolest thing ever! I also got to talk to the deaf missionaries and one of them is going to Independence! Another also has a cochlear implant but we both have different stories. He does not even know if his is working. Everyone asks me what is wrong with his. I just respond I am not sure. So many people come up to me asking "what is on your head" and a lot of senior missionaries are i…

Last weekend at the MTC

David has spent the last 2 1/2 weeks at the MTC in Provo utah before heading north about 30 miles to where he will spend the rest of his 2 year mission.  Many have asked what the MTC is, so here is a link to a little information about it
David has become very familiar with this complex and now will be leaving it on Tuesday May 1st in the evening. 
So please send any letters to the Salt Lake address from here on out, I will take the MTC address off next time.  He does respond to letters and really enjoys a note from all who write.

April 24, 2012

I miss you all dearly! 

The MTC is really cool! The first few days are really hard and overwhelming, but then things start to fall into place. Two important pieces of advice for future missionaries: keep all the rules and learn to laugh even when things are hard.
I get to be a Host tomorrow for a new missionary and am really excited about it! (I actually prayed that I would be) I almost forgot what the first day is like. Colton, yes, I have been helping some "greenies". You know in the movie "best two years" and at the end the elder that was so worried at first about everything and then at the end at the train station he was acting like a pro and helping people find their way. Well, that is how I felt. The MTC is huge and can get so confusing where things are. Now, I am pretty comfortable on where everything is. It really comes with time.

Yes, growing does hurt but it is good.

I think I talked about this in my letter that should arrive to you today b…

Happy Day! A Letter has Arrived!

April 11, 2012 (Letter written the day he arrived at the Missionary Training Center, or MTC)

I made it! I really did! I got dropped off and was not sure what in the world I was doing. I was met by a host missionary and the next thing I know I have a new name tag on my suit--Elder Cluff. Feeling strange and looking around, trying to take it all in, I then found myself in a classroom introducing myself and laughing with the other missionaries. Since I got here first, I had to wait for my companion. His name is Elder Mauinatu--he is Samoan and from California. He is awesome! We laughed as we were watching others teach and trying to learn what we could do better. I had to speak to an "investigator" today. It was interesting and I have a lot to learn. Elder M gave me a pat and said, "You did great!" It was a good learning experience.
Our district is awesome--we all clicked somehow and we laugh a lot. One of my other roommates, Elder Smith, reminds me so much of Sam. No…

David's Adventure Begins

Today David  Elder Cluff flew out of St. Louis at 6:04 am.  His whole family got up and left the house at 4am so we could spend some time with him.  The very nice baggage people let the whole family go clear to the gate with him.  It was nice to spend the extra few minutes together.  Will update.
Starting April 11th, David will be in a Missionary Training Center (MTC) for three weeks. He would love to receive words of encouragement, stories from your life that you would like to share or if you just want to send a letter to him. Due to the busy schedule he is expected to have, it may take awhile for him to respond to your letters, but he will be reading them. Uplifting words and letters are what he will enjoy the most during his first few weeks away from home.

Here is the mailing address that he will be using for the first three weeks:

Elder David Benjamin Cluff MTC Mailbox # 146 
UT-SLC 0502
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793


Hello everyone! This is David and one of the very few times that I will write directly to this blog. This blog is a blog sharing my journey as I am on my mission. On the side you will find what I believe, what a mission is and my mailing address for those that want to write. I would love letters but I may not be able to respond as fast due to the busy days that are ahead. I will be leaving on April 11th, 2012 where I will leave behind everything and serve my Heavenly Father for two years. For the next few years I will be teaching about Jesus Christ and his teachings. I will be sharing a message of joy, love, peace and that families are, indeed, eternal families. I will share experiences from my life where I have felt the power of the atonement in my everyday life. I love this work so much and have been preparing myself ever since I was a little boy and hearing about my dad's mission. My parents will update this blog for me as I press forward on this new journey in my life. I …